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Roger "Roge" Garza is the deuteragonist of Gabriel Garza franchise. He is one of Gabriel's brothers. He was originally voiced by Rob Paulsen in the original series until 2002, and is currently voiced by Elijah Wood since 2011.


Early life Edit

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Gabriel Garza (original series)Edit

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Gabriel Garza (CGI reboot series)Edit

Gabriel GarzaEdit

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Gabriel Garza 2Edit

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Gabriel Garza 3Edit

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Roge is the yet cool, somewhat bossy, overprotected, and self-proclaimed brother of Gabriel. He is very charismatic and loving to his brothers and family around him, although he can be over-controlling of what goes on in the house and overprotective of his brothers, mostly Gabriel. However, despite his flaws, Roge still cares deeply about his friends and family and only does what he believes his best for them.


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  • The name Roge comes with a village in the municipality of Požega, western Serbia.
  • Elijah Wood, who provides the voice of Roge Garza in Gingo's 2011 Gabriel Garza film, originally tried out for the role of Leno Garza in the film, but that role went to Ashton Kutcher instead and Wood got the role of Roge.
  • Roge is known as "The Protective" according to the 2011 Gabriel Garza film poster.



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