Niz Chicoloco is an American animated television series based on the the video game of the same name. Developed by series creator Geo G., the series aired on UPN Kids from September 11, 1998 to June 18, 1999 for only thirteen episodes. The series features the returning voices from the game, and was produced by Gingo Animation and DreamWorks Animation as their first collaborative project.

Voice castEdit

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# Title Original airdate Production
1a "The Not-So Greatest Adventure Continues" September 11, 1998 43-0753
1b "Give or Trade" September 11, 1998 43-0758
1c "The Good, the Bad and the Niz" September 11, 1998 43-0760
2a "A New Plan" September 18, 1998 43-0766
2b "My Way or Niz's Way" September 18, 1998 43-0765
2c "Heko's Rage" September 18, 1998 43-0761
3a "My Day with Kathy" September 25, 1998 43-0768

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Home mediaEdit

On November 13, 2007, nine years after the show's cancellation, Paramount Home Entertainment (via DreamWorks Animation Home Entertainment) released the complete series on DVD. It contains all 13 episodes digitally remastered, with audio commentaries on all episodes, interviews, storyboard to animatic to episode comparisons, and an animation process between the overseas animation facilities.