You hit the jackpot! It's unexpected for taking away my leeks!
―Mr. Leek

Leek Leek Leek[1] (better known as Mr. Leek) is the main antagonist of Gabriel Garza 2. He is known for using his mysterious vehicle to steal and eat all of the leeks from a village of leeks in Antietam Creek and kidnapping the Elves and into Dark Elves at his hideout. He is voiced by Rob Corddry.

Official bio Edit

Mr. Leek is a man, who can be described as a "leek worker" since he's a leek-loving guy.

Physical appearance Edit

Leek is a young man. He wears black glasses over his big green eyes. He has green hair and eyebrows and wears a green tie, a worker suit, a belt, gray pants as well as black shoes.

Personality Edit

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Early LifeEdit

During his childhood, Leek was known for liking leeks and eating all of the them. Later, he became a "leek worker".

In Gabriel Garza 2Edit

Leek is first seen when he first encountered Gabriel and Lily Stampla outside of Aunt Suzy's backyard.

Then at night, Roge sneaks through Mr. Leek's hideout and saw Mr. Leek's evil plans on his notebook. Opening it, he learns Leek's true intentions: to kidnap most of the Elves and mutate them into dark monsters with a dangerous leek liquid called Black Leek, and spill all the Black Leeks all over the place to take over the world.

Back at the backyard of the Garza House, he finally captured Roge, Leno and Cole and took them near Wyomissing Creek. Roge, Leno and Cole are tied up and Mr. Leek and his dark Elves tried to attack them with spears, but Loy, Lily and Lester, being alerted by two Elves, arrive and rescue them. During the battle, Gabriel manages to restore the mutated Elves to normal and tries to break the Black Leek, but Mr. Leek quickly snatched it from him, went up on the power line tower, and went on his UFO-like vehicle to splat his Black Leek all over the world, but Gabriel tries to stop him from Leek's Black Leek. Then Gabriel pressed a 10-second self-destruct button which will cause Mr. Leek's death, then Mr. Leek's vehicle exploded. Suddenly, Gabriel begins to plummet to his doom but he is rescued by Lester. After Mr. Leek fell down to the ground, he turned into a photo of him by Loy with his UnReal-Gun 3000 and rip into pieces.


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Gallery Edit

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  1. Mr. Leek's full name is found in his "leek" name tag. He used "Leek" three times as his first, middle, and last name.

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