Loy Garza is one of the main characters in Gabriel Garza.


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Gabriel Garza (original series)Edit

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Gabriel Garza (CGI reboot series)Edit

Gabriel GarzaEdit

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Gabriel Garza 2Edit

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Loy is Gabriel, Roge, Leno and Cole's older brother who is a scientist and inventor. He is known for inventing the PhotoReal 2000, which can take any object, and transform it into the real thing, in the second film. Loy sometimes annoy one of his brothers Roge.

At the end of the first film, he leaves Gabriel's house for his new job at a place (he was actually at Marvin's apartment in the second film) to make more inventions, and says, "I can tell you, but don't worry, you will see me someday when I left." Now in the second film, he now invented the PhotoReal 2000 and the UnReal-Gun 3000, and teams up with Lily and Lester Stampla, so they can help him.

A mysterious vehicle steals and ate all of the leeks from a village of leeks in Antietam Creek. Loy, his new assistant Lily Stampla try to recruit Gabriel, Roge, Leno and Cole, to find out who ate the leeks, as seen at the opening scene of the second film.


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  • Geo G., the series' creator, stated that "Loy" was chosen because of its similarity to the Major League Baseball pitcher Loy Hanning, who was one of Geo's favorite baseball players.


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