Glass Ball Productions (also known as Glass Ball Animation or Glass Ball Studios, commonly referred to as Glass Ball) is an American animation studio established in 1993 and based in Burbank, California. A division label of Gingo Entertainment, the studio produces animated films and television shows targeted to adult audiences and is best known for the animated series TeenV. In a similar manner to its sister company Gingo Animation, Glass Ball is primarily associated with 20th Century Fox, but also with some other studios such as Columbia Pictures.


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The Glass Ball Productions logo depicts a large glass ball being shattered by a butterfly, followed by a loud cracking sound. The logo was created by Gingo Animation in traditional animation and designed by founder Geo G. Some special versions of the studio's animation were made to fit episodes of shows like TeenV. Often, dialogue from some TeenV episodes can be heard during the animation.

The Glass Ball logo was parodied in the "Rejected Pokémon" segment in an episode of the Cartoon Network animated series MAD, where it features a rejected Pokémon called Glasstar, who is shattered by a butterfly (which resembles the one in the Glass Ball logo), thus echoing the famous Glass Ball logo.


Feature filmsEdit

Released filmsEdit

# Title Release date Co-production with Animation services Directors Composers Budget Gross RT MC
1 TeenV Movie July 18, 2003 20th Century Fox Gingo Animation
Saerom Animation
Wang Film Productions
Geo G. Thomas Chase
Steve Rucker
$40 million $288.3 million 78% 62
2 3 Simple Doods February 3, 2017 20th Century Fox
Media Rights Capital
Creative Step Studio Steve Samono John Powell $77 million $219.4 million 70% 57
3 Real Tag October 26, 2018 20th Century Fox
Chernin Entertainment
Scott Free Productions
TSG Entertainment
Ash Brannon Michael Giacchino $200 million $260.3 million 9% 37

Upcoming filmsEdit

# Title Release date Co-production with Animation services Directors Composers Current Production Status
4 Havoc on the Planet of the Apes July 12, 2019 20th Century Fox
Chernin Entertainment
TSG Entertainment
Creative Step Studio
Weta Digital
Alexander Bates Michael Giacchino Production
5 Ico November 22, 2019 Columbia Pictures
Sony Pictures Animation
Creative Step Studio Guillermo del Toro Pre-Production
6 3 Simple Doods 2 April 24, 2020 20th Century Fox
Media Rights Capital
Mike Disa TBA
7 Castle November 26, 2021 20th Century Fox Oscar Johansson Development
8 Untitled films July 15, 2022 TBA
9 July 14, 2023
10 September 22, 2023

Films in developmentEdit

A Dino For Fork
Tim Tam Tom
TeenV Movie sequel

Television seriesEdit

Title Creator(s) Years active Original Network(s) Notes
TeenV Geo G. 1998–present Fox Co-production with 20th Century Fox Television.
Sherman's Lagoon Jim Toomey 2005–2006 Gingo Co-production with King Features Syndicate.
College University Geo G. 2013–2014 NBC Co-production with Universal Television.
3 Simple Doods Z-Doodler 2017–present Fox Co-production with 20th Century Fox Television and Media Rights Capital.

Miscellaneous productionsEdit

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Title Release date
TeenV 1998–present
3 Simple Doods 2017–present



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