Gabriel Garcia (born April 5, 1954), known by his pseudonym Geo G., is an American cartoonist, voice actor, animator, and producer best known for the franchises Gabriel Garza, BJ and Wally, Niz Chicoloco, TeenV, Zina and the Vivid Crew, and Imagimals. He is currently the CEO and chairman of Gingo Animation and Glass Ball Productions.


Geo G. was born on April 5, 1954, and was introduced to animation through many studios (Disney specifically). In the late 1970s, he began his animation career, starting with working at Hanna-Barbera. He left the studio in the early 1990s (although he came back to produce a few shorts which would later become Gabriel Garza) to found his own production company/animation studio Gingo Animation.



Year Title Role Notes
1982 Landing Short film
Director, producer and writer
1989 The Special Visitor The Boy
1990 Spot
1992 A Tiny Bite
1994 Romeo and Juliet Guard Director, producer and writer
Bob & Tom Short film
1995 Ghost Vision Additional voices Producer and story
1996 Tifi Short film
1997 Lo and the Short Island
Ama and the Mysterious Crystal Storyboard artist
1999 Paint World Additional voices Executive producer, story and character designer
2000 Ama II: Return to Crystopia Direct-to-video
Additional story artist
2001 Mistress Masham's Repose Special thanks
2002 The Gabriel Garza Movie Executive producer, screenplay and story
Me & Mobo Storyboard artist
2003 TeenV Movie Phil / Additional voices Director, screenplay and story
2004 Computeropolis Additional storyboard artist
Zina and the Vivid Crew Boldie Director, producer, screenplay and story
2005 M.I.S.S.I.O.N. Character designer
Metro Cone Melvin Producer, story
2006 BJ and Wally Larry Director
2007 Computeropolis 2 Story artist
2008 Metro Cone 2 Melvin Producer
Swapped Additional story artist
FusionMania Director and writer
2009 The 10 Feet Producer
The Pandemoniums Executive producer and story
2011 Gabriel Garza Elves / Additional voices Director and story
Metro Cone 3: The Mystery to New York Executive producer
2013 Workers Producer and story
2014 Gabriel Garza 2 Elves Director, writer and story
Archot Beasts / Bystander Producer and story
2015 Paradoria Story artist
Metro Cone Forever Additional voices Executive producer and story
2016 Imagimals The Great Voko Director and story
2017 3 Simple Doods Executive producer
Gabriel Garza 3 Executive producer and story
Lix Additional storyboard artist
2018 Computeropolis: The Deep Web
Cool Spot Additional voices Executive producer
Real Tag
2019 Addie Director, writer and story
Havoc on the Planet of the Apes Executive producer
2020 3 Simple Doods 2
Agent Chrysocolla Producer
2021 The Boy and the Ape
Castle Executive producer
TBA Imagimals 2


Year Title Role Notes
Gabriel Garza Also creator, writer, executive producer
1996–2002 Hatty Executive producer and character designer
1998–1999 Niz Chicoloco Executive producer
1998–present TeenV Various Also creator, writer, executive producer
Also appeared in 2 episodes as himself
1999–present GGTV Writer and animator
2000–2001 Paint World Series developer
2001–2004 Jenny Zoom Series developer and executive producer
2002–2003 Planetokio Also series developer, writer, executive producer
2003–2009 Critter Mockers Series developer
2004 BJ and Wally Shorts Writer
2005–2009 Adventures of Zina and the Vivid Crew Various Also creator, writer, executive producer
2007–2012 The BJ and Wally Show Executive producer
2008–2014 Computeropolis: Adventures of Peri and Nicky 5 episodes; storyboard artist
2013–2014 College University Various Also creator, writer, executive producer
2015–2017 Gabriel & Friends Executive producer
The Hatty Weasel Show
2018–present Imagimals: The Series

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Comic stripsEdit

Year Title
1996 BJ and Wally

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