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Gabriel Simon Garza (or simply Gabe) is the title character and primary protagonist of the Gabriel Garza franchise. He is the official mascot of Gingo Animation, a division of Universal Studios, and has been described as being a corporate icon for the studio on par with Pixar's Luxo Jr.. He first appeared in Gingo's 1989 short The Special Visitor as an unnamed boy. As of Gabriel Garza 3 in 2017, he is currently voiced by Jason Drucker.

Gabriel is a kind, curious, intelligent 11-year-old boy who lives and hangs out with his brothers Roge, Leno, and Cole in the town of Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. By Gabriel Garza 2, he turned 12.


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Gabriel Garza is a smart, kind, bubbly, joyful, curious, hyperactive, polite, outgoing boy who is friendly at his friends and family. He is affectionate, with a great sense of humor. It was also noted that Gabriel is quite resilient.

Gabriel is often described as good-hearted character. Is generally random most of the time, but he is sometimes serious, usually when fighting Vio, and will do anything for his friends. Gabriel usually sets out to do what's right in a situation, like how they defeat Vio when he's trying to take over the world. Gabriel usually makes more dangerous risks while going on adventures, much to his friend's dismay, who usually want to take the easy way out. Gabriel is also often enthusiastic.

Gabriel, like every person, has some flaws: Gabriel is somewhat gullible, which often leads him into trouble, He is also very bad when it comes to mathematics, which causes his bad grades in math. Gabriel can also be stubborn at points.


Gabriel is a young boy. He can often be found in a yellow shirt, blue shorts, red-striped socks, and red sneakers. He has black glasses, brown eyes, freckles, and brown hair. His eyelashes and eyebrows are somewhat thick and his eyes are a rounded circle.


  • Gabriel is less American, less Hispanic.
    • Gabriel is also the name of an angel in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.
    • Gabriel's name is derived from the Hebrew name "Gabriel" meaning "God is my strength". It was popularized by the association with the Biblical archangel Gabriel.
    • Gabriel is also named after his creator, Geo G.
  • Gabriel is known as "The Brain" according to the official promo posters for the 2011 Gabriel Garza film.


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