Computeropolis is a computer animated comedy film series and media franchise produced by Universal Animation Studios and released by Universal Pictures. It features the adventures of Peri Dazz (voiced by Jesse McCartney), an intelligent and kind-hearted teenage boy, who is sucked into the eponymous fantasy and metropolis internet city from his computer, where he meets his character Nicky Kickzoo (voiced by David Spade), the star of Peri's computer game Frenzy. The duo unexpectedly embark on adventures that challenge and change them.

The franchise began with the 2004 film Computeropolis and its 2007, 2010 and 2018 sequels Computeropolis 2, Computeropolis 3 and Computeropolis: The Deep Web. It also includes a simulator ride attraction, Computeropolis: A Technical Ride, at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood, and a television series for Cartoon Network titled Computeropolis: Adventures of Peri and Nicky, which premiered in the summer of 2008.

The franchise has been highly acclaimed with its first two features being nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, in addition to the first film's nomination for the Academy Award for Best Original Score. The series has now grossed over $1.8 billion, making it the 24th highest-grossing franchise of all time, the fourth highest-grossing animated franchise (behind Shrek, Despicable Me, and Ice Age), and the highest-grossing Universal Animation Studios franchise.

Computeropolis and Computeropolis 2 received a "Certified Fresh" rating of 89% and 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, while Computeropolis 3 and Computeropolis: The Deep Web however, received 43% and 50% "Rotten" ratings, with Computeropolis 3 being the lowest rated film in the franchise.

Main filmsEdit


Computeropolis (2004)Edit

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Computeropolis focuses on a young computer designing expert named Peri Dazz, who attempts to publish his own game Frenzy to the Internet and suddenly stumbles into an eponymous online universe deep inside the realms of his computer. While finding a way to return home, Peri joins Nicky Kickzoo, the protagonist of the Frenzy game, on a risky mission to eliminate King Trojan, a virus capable of corrupting the entirety of the global system.


Computeropolis 2 (2007)Edit

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Computeropolis 2 takes place two years after the first film, with Peri Dazz now being 16 years old. It focuses on Peri and Nicky entering an massively multiplayer virtual reality online sandbox game, during which Peri finds love. Soon, Computeropolis plunges into chaos when a group of hackers try to hijack Peri's computer and take over Computeropolis.

Computeropolis 3 (2010) Poster

Computeropolis 3 (2010)Edit

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Peri, Nicky, Vinna, Travis, and the rest of the gang face off against Jeff Bick, a ruthless nemesis of Peri who tries to pull a "global warming" on the Internet for good. In order to stop Jeff, Peri recruits his old friends from school. Meanwhile, Vinna meets her long-lost parents Amy and Hank, who abandoned their daughter to find a new life.

Computeropolis- The Deep Web (2018) Teaser Poster 2

Computeropolis: The Deep Web (2018)Edit

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Peri and his friends take a journey to the bootleg world known as the Deep Web led by Rulio, a bootleg knockoff mixture of Elmo and Mario, before Peri prepares to leave for college. During their adventure, Peri and the gang encounter many strange commodities of the Deep Web, such as toy and nursery rhyme channels for children and a tribe of genetically enhanced and highly intelligent apes. However, after rescuing a young girl named Zola from many mean-spirited apes formerly loyal to the human-hating bonobo Koba derogatorily called "donkeys", they soon discover Rulio is responsible for making these bootlegs and plans to put a bootleg virus that could destroy Peri's computer, so they must stop him before it's too late.


On the possibility of a potential sequel, in April 2018, Audel LaRoque, the director of the first two films and the fourth film, stated that a fifth installment is already being considered. In June, LaRoque stated that he planned to include references to several of Universal Pictures' properties, including their own films, Illumination films, and DreamWorks Animation properties in the fifth film, when he and the crew saw the second trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. However, it was reported that there were "no immediate plans" for LaRoque to direct a Computeropolis sequel, or any other Universal animated films, with LaRoque instead being relegated to an executive producer position. This comes after a reshuffling of film production staff at Universal due to Computeropolis: The Deep Web's poor financial performance.

Television seriesEdit

Computeropolis: Adventures of Peri and NickyEdit

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Short filmsEdit

Print 3D Errors (2004)Edit

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Peri and Nicky Get a Flu (2007)Edit

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The Chat (2010)Edit

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Computeropolis Xmas (2011)Edit

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Go Party! (2012)Edit

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Zip (2017)Edit

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Box office performanceEdit

Film Release date Box office revenue Box office ranking Budget
North America Other territories Worldwide All time
North America
All time
Computeropolis July 2, 2004 $256,832,180 $441,332,119 $697,164,299 102 164 $65 million
Computeropolis 2 July 6, 2007 $362,152,089 $591,324,272 $953,476,361 40 44 $77 million
Computeropolis 3 March 5, 2010 $229,772,033 $505,310,013 $783,682,046 45 31 $85 million
Computeropolis: The Deep Web May 4, 2018 $115,605,643 $538,219,553 $653,825,196 37 26 $200 million
Total $964,361,945 $2,076,185,957 $3,088,147,902 28 22 $427 million

Critical and public receptionEdit

Film Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic CinemaScore
Computeropolis 89% (169 reviews) 91 (73 reviews) A
Computeropolis 2 84% (186 reviews) 80 (47 reviews) A
Computeropolis 3 43% (174 reviews) 57 (41 reviews) A–
Computeropolis: The Deep Web 50% (350 reviews) 59 (43 reviews) B+

Academy AwardsEdit

Category Computeropolis Computeropolis 2 Computeropolis 3 Computeropolis: The Deep Web
Animated Feature Nominated Nominated



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Character Theatrical films Short films Attraction Television series
Computeropolis Computeropolis 2 Computeropolis 3 Computeropolis: The Deep Web Print 3D Errors Peri and Nicky Get a Flu The Chat Computeropolis Xmas Go Party! Zip Computeropolis: A Technical Ride Computeropolis: Adventures of Peri and Nicky
2004 2007 2010 2018 2004 2007 2010 2011 2012 2017 2006 2008 - 2014
Peri Dazz Jesse McCartney Jesse McCartney
Max Neuwirth (young)
Jesse McCartney Silent cameo Jesse McCartney
Nicky Kickzoo David Spade J.P. Manoux David Spade J.P. Manoux
Vinna Binz Sarah Silverman Sarah Silverman Sarah Silverman Sarah Silverman
Travis Dan Fogler Dan Fogler Silent cameo Dan Fogler
Notepad Ned Jon Lovitz Silent cameo Jon Lovitz Silent cameo Jon Lovitz
Painting Paula Jennifer Tilly Jennifer Tilly Silent cameo Jennifer Tilly Grey DeLisle
Media Player Mike Audel LaRoque character is mute Jess Harnell character is mute Jess Harnell
Manager Marc David Hyde Pierce David Hyde Pierce Silent cameo David Hyde Pierce
Commander Cindy Jodi Benson Jodi Benson Silent cameo Jodi Benson
Carol Kari Wahlgren
Heather Dazz Tress MacNeille Tress MacNeille Tress MacNeille
Earl Dazz Jeff Bennett Jeff Bennett Jeff Bennett
Paul and Frank Jon Lovitz
William Shatner
Silent cameo Jon Lovitz
William Shatner
Silent cameo Jon Lovitz
Fred Tatasciore
Jon Lovitz
Fred Tatasciore
Fredrick Moss Mentioned only Eddie Izzard Eddie Izzard Chris Edgerly
Amy and Hank Binz Jane Lynch
Danny McBride
Silent cameo
Rachel Dakota Fanning Silent cameo Dakota Fanning Silent cameo
Mark Will Shadley Silent cameo Will Shadley Silent cameo
Eli Freddie Highmore Silent cameo Freddie Highmore Silent cameo
Smokey the Icon Will Forte Silent cameo
King Trojan Kelsey Grammer Mentioned only Kelsey Grammer (archive recording) Kelsey Grammer Fred Tatasciore
Milo Harland Williams Harland Williams
Clippit Michael Wildshill Silent cameo Michael Wildshill Michael Wildshill Silent cameo Michael Wildshill
Bill Chris Edgerly Silent cameo Chris Edgerly Chris Edgerly Chris Edgerly
Sam Corey Burton Silent cameo Corey Burton Corey Burton Corey Burton
Cyber-Boy Chris Pine Kevin Noonchester Kevin Noonchester
Gene Brian Stepanek Brian Stepanek
Mr. Error Harland Williams Harland Williams
Jeff Bick Christopher Plummer
Big Dusty Brad Garrett
Tina Sofía Vergara
Otis Nathan Lane
Rulio Dan Middleton
Zola Millie Bobby Brown
Scully Zach King
Ella Felicia Day
Brutus Keegan-Michael Key
Lizzy Elizabeth Banks
Benny Danny Glover
Flowies Harland Williams
Steve Zahn
Alan Tudyk
Steve Coogan
Red Ty Olsson
Winter Aleks Paunovic
Fred Tatasciore
Erik Patrick Stewart
Lavender Catherine Keener
Abe Sam Elliott
Lulu Neil Patrick Harris
Carniolus Audel LaRoque
Rutt John DiMaggio
Carl Maurice LaMarche
Note: A dark grey cell indicates character did not appear in that medium.


Role Films Television series
Computeropolis Computeropolis 2 Computeropolis 3 Computeropolis:
The Deep Web
Adventures of Peri and Nicky
2004 2007 2010 2018 2008-2014
Director(s) Audel LaRoque
Co-directed by:
David Silverman
Audel LaRoque Mike Moon
Ash Brannon
Audel LaRoque Nick Filippi
Producer(s) Brandon Minez Michael Wildshill Mary Parent
Adam Stephenson Miller
Elliott Franklin, Jr.
Adam Stephenson Miller
Executive producer(s) Michael Wildshill Audel LaRoque
Brandon Minez
Michael Wildshill
Brandon Minez
Michael Wildshill
Writer(s) Screenplay by:
Thomas Lennon
Story by:
Audel LaRoque
Michael Wildshill
Screenplay by:
Thomas Lennon
Audel LaRoque
Mike Reiss
Story by:
Audel LaRoque
Michael Wildshill
Thomas Lennon
Karey Kirkpatrick
Mike Reiss
Screenplay by:
Joe Stillman
Story by:
Joe Stillman
Ash Brannon
Screenplay by:
Audel LaRoque
Robert L. Baird
Erica Rivinoja
Mike Reiss
Story by:
Audel LaRoque
Michael Wildshill
Ash Brannon
Composer(s) John Debney
Heitor Pereira
John Debney John Debney
Heitor Pereira
Adam Berry
Editor(s) Tom F. Warner John Carnochan Cody Moore Rob Carpenter
Production company Universal Feature Animation Universal Animation Studios Universal Television Animation
Distributed by Universal Pictures NBCUniversal Television Distribution
Released July 2, 2004 July 6, 2007 March 5, 2010 May 4, 2018 June 5, 2008 – August 14, 2014


  1. Computeropolis (2004)
  2. Print 3D Errors (2004)
  3. Computeropolis: A Technical Ride (2006)
  4. Computeropolis 2 (2007)
  5. Peri and Nicky Get a Flu (2007)
  6. Computeropolis: Adventures of Peri and Nicky (2008–2014)
  7. Computeropolis 3 (2010)
  8. The Chat (2010)
  9. Computeropolis Xmas (2011)
  10. Go Party! (2012)
  11. Zip (2017)
  12. Computeropolis: The Deep Web (2018)

Video gamesEdit

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Theme park attractionsEdit

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Cultural impactEdit


From the first film's original 2004 release, the Computeropolis franchise has become increasingly popular among a large group of people, effectively creating a "fan base" for the film. The Computeropolis fandom organized online to advocate releases through petitions and fan art.


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