Boro (The Planetokio Movie)

Boro (ボロ) is Iken's robot assistant who was created by him. He is voiced by Corey Burton. In the film, he is voiced by Nathan Lane.

Official profileEdit

Opinion of the assistant robot. Contrary to the old-style body, only artificial intelligence TakaraKoto original state-of-the-art. So it would cut off immediately the battery, do not lend themselves to the bottom line bet-out. The defense team, serves to support the opinion.



Throughout the game, as you collected more objects you'd also receive parts which belong to Boro, such as a brain and robot body.


Coming soon!


Coming soon!



  • Boro has a verbal tic, making him end his sentences in his own name "Boro". This behavior is also a characteristic of other anime/game characters such as Dedede's "Zoi" from Kirby of the Stars/Hoshi No Kaabii.
  • Boro's brain appears to not be made of metals, but made of flesh like an animal's. As seen in the game's cutscenes, It had many needles of fluid being injected into it, most likely to keep him stable as Boro is quite jitteris at times.

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