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Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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What artists or musicians do you guys listen to? I'll go first:
Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Linkin Park, Tame Impala, Nine Inch Nails, Pop Will Eat Itself, Stereolab, DJ Shadow, RJD2, Thievery Corporation, Massive Attack, Portishead, Tycho, The xx, Autechre, Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy, Four Tet, Gorillaz, Kraftwerk, LFO, and a lot more.
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Gingo Animation is owned by Gabriel Garcia / Geoshea2000 (Born November 29, 2000) Distributors: Universal Pictures (USA) and 20th Century Fox (International).
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Warning Info

Warning: The following media are purely fictional, this is not a real film but is a fictional film, Also the media was created by the Internet Users for doing this, Viewer Discretion Advised, For the Internet Users.
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World Trade Center the Twin Towers has Still Standing.

Gabriel Garcia / Geoshea2000 did know a World Trade Center the Twin Towers are Still Standing, Because it's Fictional U.S. President, This is only Fictional.
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What do you think of Addie (2019)?

Addie is a Sony Animation movie (I made) that focuses on Addie McCallister from The Emoji Movie as the main character. I also want the movie to serve as a spiritual successor and a huge improvement over the critically panned Emoji Movie. In fact, it even has no connection to that film, which feels more like a true original Sony animated movie.
Here's the link to the Gingo wiki page about the film:
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This is an Fake, Fan Made and Fictional Animation Studio.

Gabriel Garcia / Geoshea2000, That is Fake, Fan Made and Fictional Animation Studio.
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Media and Internet that about Fictional President of the United States

Gabriel Garcia / Geoshea2000 that about a Fictional President of the United States of America.
This is a Actors were played as a Fictional President of the United States:
- Jonathan Wilson (Democrat) (1985-1989) Home State: Oregon, played by: Roger Moore, (Death in June 19, 2005), Cause of Death: Pneumonia and Lung Cancer.
- John Wagner (Republican) (1989-1995) Home State: Ohio, played by: Michael Jeter, (Death in September 29, 1995), Cause of Death: Assassination.
- Michael O'Hara (Republican) (1995-2001) Home State: Florida, played by: Michael Caine, (Death in October 15, 2008), Cause of Death: Heart Attack.
- Michael S. Phillips (Democrat) (2001-2009) Home State: Wisconsin, played by: Michael Douglas.
- Sebastian Walker (Republican) (2009-2013) Home State: Indiana, played by: George Clooney.
- Brandon M. Walters (Democrat) (2013-present) Home State: South Carolina, played by: Mel Gibson.
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Each Gingo that ended its box office run

Each Gingo that ended its box office run
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Redesigned my wiki. Cleaned it up and updated the theme.
Teksta's 8 port shift wikia thing Wiki @getfandom
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Wuss popping Jimbo

I was just popping in to say hi again
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Jerry Sho Wiki

Check it out here:
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Malachi quotes thread

This thread is on Malachi, and his grammar, which is so bad it's funny.

To begin:


You guys try to find other wikis Malachi has been on, and see what he said.
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Come Outside Wiki

I've found this cringeworthy wiki yesterday and I think it's even much worse than that Big Pepole wiki.
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GoAnimate Video Cringe Discussion

Does any of you still hate baby videos? Well, I found another cringy topic.
GOANIMATE VIDEOS. Most of them are about people getting grounded, behavior card day, punishment days, Caillou (the most popular main character in grounded videos), etc. We can talk about GoAnimate cringe here.
An example of a cringy GoAnimate video is below.
Donald Trump Misbehaves at Chuck E Cheese's
Donald Trump Misbehaves at Chuck E Cheese's YouTube
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Kids Toy Channel and (Finger Family) Nursery Rhyme Cringe Discussion

So I've been watching people ranting on kids channels all day long, like this video for example:

Hey, I was thinking if we can talk about cringeworthy baby videos and other kid stuff on YouTube.
Finger Family CRINGE compilation
Finger Family CRINGE compilation YouTube
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Pooh's Adventures Discussion

Remember that Hiro Hamada page ( on that awful Pooh's Adventures wiki, right? Well, let's talk MORE about PA and have a journey on the PA wiki.

This page just takes the cake: - Hiro, along with the rest of the Big Hero 6, is in this one. Yep. I have read the transcript of it and was cringeworthy enough.
Ash Ketchum Goes Over the Hedge Pooh's Adventures Wiki
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